Paris Climate Talks 2015 COP21

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Some documents from From the International Energy Agency at COP21

Energy Technology Initiatives 2013 ETP Executive Summary – 2015 Global_Tracking_Framework Good_Practice_Policy_Framework for Energy Technology How2Guide_Wind Energy Technology Development Prospects_Indian Power Sector TechnologyRoadmap_ EE Buildings TechnologyRoadmap_Bioenergy for Heat and Power TechnologyRoadmap_Biofuels for Tranport TechnologyRoadmap_CCS TechnologyRoadmap_China Wind Energy TechnologyRoadmap_Energy Efficient Building Envelopes TechnologyRoadmap_Fuel Economy TechnologyRoadmap_Geothermal TechnologyRoadmap_GHG Reductions in Chem. Indus via Catalytic Processes TechnologyRoadmap_High Eff. Low Emiss. CFPG TechnologyRoadmap_Hydrogen and Fuel Cells TechnologyRoadmap_Hydropower TechnologyRoadmap_Low-Carbon Tech. for Indian Cement Ind. TechnologyRoadmap_Nuclear Energy TechnologyRoadmap_Smart Grids TechnologyRoadmap_Solar Heating and Cooling TechnologyRoadmap_Solar PV TechnologyRoadmap_Solar Thermal Electricity Tracking Clean Energy Progress (2015) WEO Special Briefing for COP21 (2015) WEO Special Report on Energy and Climate Change (2015)

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