About ACTS

Action for Conservation and Teaching, Seychelles (ACTS) is an initiative of Nature Seychelles, which was supported by the Jensen Foundation and the BirdLife Partnership as part of the “Linking African children to the global conservation community – for the benefit of nature and people” project.

The purpose of this initiative was to provide environmental information and material to Environmental Education practitioners, students, Wildlife Clubs and others within Seychelles, the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region and globally, using 21st century technology.

In its 20 years of existence, Nature Seychelles has collected a vast amount of information and material regarding the environment. The information available here has been collated from Nature Seychelles, government and other organizations and gives an introduction to the Seychelles environment, flora and fauna of Seychelles and environmental and conservation activities being carried out.

  • The information has been categorized as follows:
  • Species: Birds, Amphibians, Animals, Plants, Turtles,
  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Downloadable material – Manuals, Posters, Books
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