Nature Watch Radio programs

Here are some fun and fantastic radio programmes that were broadcast on Radio Seychelles between 1986-1987! They featured our Chief Executive Dr. Nirmal Shah explaining the wonders of the Seychelles natural world, from sea cucumbers to earthworms and to Bib Delos, the water striders. Have fun listening, many of the listeners back in those days certainly did. The Dogs programme (3) had the highest number of callers. Find out why it did.

Programme 1: After spending many hours crawling around on hands and knees Shah reveals the mysteries of the Water Striders, Bib Delo in Creole


Programme 2: Mosquitos! Things that fly in the night, things that search for blood. Mine and yours….


Programme 3: Dogs. Are male dogs entering your garden and urinating everywhere? Learn the hows and whys of the mating habits of dogs


Programme 4: The Coco De Mer – the end of the romance. Nirmal Shah reaches into the depths of the Coco De Mer and plucks at its secrets – the biology, ecology and evolution of the biggest nut in the whole wide world


Programme 5: Every postcard carries its picture, no beach is complete without it, and it was once a daily part of every kitchen in the Seychelles. Its the Coconut.


Programme 6: Latanier Leaves – the aesthetics and revolutionary value of these leaves


Programme 7: Nature and Architecture. Here Mangroves are compared to old Seychellois houses and Shah explains why old Seychellois houses were superior to modern ones in some ways


Programme 8: The Secret life of the Pti Torti Later (ant lion)


Programme 9: Sea Cucumber (Banbara), the sand and mud eaters


Programme 10: Is something digging holes in your garden, eating your vegetables and stealing your chickens and generally creating a mess? Meet the Tang (Creole) Tenrec (English).


Programme 11: Termites – Is your house crumbling around you or are you worried about your wood?


Programme 12: The earthworm and why you should never judge a book by its cover.

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