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1. An insight into the marine life of Seychelles book
This booklet is a first step to help teachers, students and amateurs learn more about the natural history and ecology of the marine environment around the coastal areas of Seychelles as well about how they can help promote conservation of marine life. Its in two parts.

An insight into the marine life of Seychelles book part 1

An insight into the marine life of Seychelles book part 2

2. Birds are brilliant

Birds are an excellent starting point for teaching children about their conservation. This resource is intended to help teachers integrate birds into their lessons.

Birds are brilliant – activity guide for teachers



3. Discover Seychelles Birds

This book is an introduction to many of the bird species found in the inner Seychelles. It has photographs of 63 bird species, including all the species you are most likely to see when birdwatching here. It can be used
to help identify the bird species you see, and gives ecological and conservation information on them in non-technical language.

Discover Seychelles’ Birds

4. Learning for Sustainable Living in Seychelles

The concept of sustainable living goes beyond development. It captures what any of us would identify as being fundamental to having secure, productive and fulfilling lives, for ourselves and our children. This book is an educational guide to sustainable living in Seychelles.

Learning for Sustainable Living in Seychelles



5. Seychelles Wildlife Colouring Book

This book was made possible by Rahel Winiger, a 17 year old volunteer, who did the drawings!

Seychelles Wildlife Colouring Book



6. Activity and Games


7. Stream Teams: Activity guide for wildlife club leaders and members

This Stream Teams guide will enable you to organise and carry out programmes and activities that are fun, interesting, informative and safe for children to be involved in outside of the classroom

WCS stream team book


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